Model VG10 Multi-Functional
Video/Audio Test Generator

The VG10 is a low cost Television Test Signal Generator well suited for maintenance and alignment of video equipment in most television, cable or video production environments. This design takes advantage of large scale integration, which provides you with a low cost, high quality video generator, and passes the savings on to you.

The unit is modular with a variety of configuration options so you can pick the functionality you need. You can even assemble the unit yourself for additional savings. The configuration options range from the basic unit, which provides color black, to the enhanced unit with many video patterns, character/message displays, and audio tone output.

Common Features

These features are common to all configurations

Configuration Options

Basic Version Model BB10

Standard Version Model CB10

Enhanced Test Patterns: Model MP10

Character Identification Display: Model CH10 Option

Audio Oscillator: Model AUD10 Option

Enclosure - The VG 10 is housed in a compact, all metal, rugged mechanical package.

A19" rack mount option is also available, mounts three units in one 1.5" rack space. see rackistr.htm

Power Supply -The seperate AC to DC power transformer is included in any version.


Electrical Characteristics


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