The VDTR1, Video Detector and Switch, will detect the loss of video on the A input and automatically switch to the B input. The video detector is based on digital signal processing of the A input sync signal. If the A input has excessive noise, missing or intermittent for over 100mS the switch will occur. Momentary losses for less than 100mS are ignored. While the B video is selected the A input must be solid for 100mS before the unit will switch back to the A input.

The automatic detection can be inhibited from the front panel and either input can be manually selected.

A status contact closure output is available for remote status from the rear panel with a quick disconnect connector. Both normally closed and normally open contacts are available. The normal state is the A input selected.

Up to 3 units can be rack mounted in a 1 Rack Unit space, 1.5 " high, using the optional rack mount assembly.

Electrical Characteristics Physical Characteristics
Signal Dimensions mm in.
Video Input and Output Connectors BNC Width 106 4.17
Impedance 75 ohms Height 39 1.52
Bandwidth 30 MHz Depth 127 5.0
Switch Delay 100 mS
Status Isolated Normally Open and Closed Relay contact closures.
Power Weight kg lbs
9-12 VDC Wall Transformer Supply Net 0.48 1.06
Shipping 1.5 3.31


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