S-Video Distribution Amplifier

Model SVDA10

Vrsw1 Rear Panel

The GEKCO Video Distribution Amplifier Model SVDA10. The SVDA10 is a 1 input 4 output low cost high performance, DA for general S-video distribution applications. The Y and C gain is adjustable plus or minus 3 db from the front panel. This unit can distribute the output of a VCR or other S-Video source to Switchers, Routers, Monitors and other VCRs while maintaining excellent picture quality.

The SVDA10 is shipped ready to use. The proper wall transformer is supplied. Simply connect your source to the SVDA10 Input and connect the outputs as needed. Under most circumstances no adjustment is needed. The unit is shipped with gain set for unity. A 1Vp-p input will produce 4 1Vp-p outputs. However if your input level is low or the outputs are driving long (>200 ft.) cables, the Y and C gain may need to be adjusted. The SVDA10 has separate gain adjustments for outputs 1 & 2 and 3 & 4.

A optional equalizing DA, the SEQDA10 is available. This unit provides equalization to up to 1000 ft of RG59U cable. The same separate adjustments apply. A 12VDC supply option is also available. Order part no. SVDA10-12VDC

Up to 3 units can be rack mounted in a 1 Rack Unit space, 1.5 high, using the optional rack mount assembly.

Electrical Characteristics Physical Characteristics
Signal Dimensions mm in.

Video In

One 4-pin mini Din


Width 137 5.4
Impedance 75 ohms Height 39 1.5
Bandwidth DC to 10 MHz Depth 127 5.0
Y/C Delay < 2 ns
Gain Adjustable +/- 3dB Weight kg lbs
Equalizing Option 0 to +12dB Net 0.48 1.06
@ 3.58 MHz Shipping 1.5 3.31
9 VAC wall


Optional 12VDC
Ordering Information
Part No. Description
SVDA10 1 Input 4 Output S-Video Distribution Amplifier
SEQDA10 1 Input 4 Output S-Video Equalizing Distribution Amplifier
DA-12VDC 12 Volt DC Power Supply Option

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